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  At F+D there is not a single design aesthetic.  Architecture is an art form ever changing and evolving depending on space and our client’s vision.  Codes, guideline and matrices may tell us office standards and functions but it’s our experience and ability that creates a building or space that represents our Clients identity.

Joseph Fuller, AIA and Nicholas D’Angelo, FARA, CSI founded Fuller and D’Angelo PC, Architects and Planners in 1971 their sons joining them in 1986.  Together, the Partners have assembled a team of professionals that have become internationally known and locally respected.  Today, our reputation continues to be built on personal relationships, integrity and quality of work.

Fuller and D’Angelo’s mission is to create an engaging and functional Architecture that satisfy our clients’ objectives accurately and on-time.  We work with School Districts in the Tri-state area and through our history have impacted millions of School children’s lives.  Other projects include Higher Education, Civil Buildings, Hotels and various other types of structures.

Driven by a passion for architecture, the natural beauty that is found in quality design and excellence, F&D continues to spearhead projects under the guidance of Joseph Fuller Jr., AIA., Nicholas D’Angelo, FARA, CSI, and John D’Angelo, ARA, LEED AP.  The firm is comprised of 20 employees including Architects, Chief Designer, Project Managers, Administration, CAD Technicians, FFE specialists. F&D undertakes multiple projects with varying levels of complexity. Our dedicated and knowledgeable employees, many of whom have been with the firm for 25+ years.

Fuller & D’Angelo works closely with our clients to create designs that will meet the needs of today, but also provides flexibility and vision for the many possible spaces of tomorrow.

Fuller and D’Angelo is known for creating value within strong budgetary constraints.  A single project team is established from inception through construction administration to ensure a projects final vision is accomplished and remains within cost.

Each member of the F&D team is invested in the success and satisfaction of our clients.

Joseph Fuller, Jr., AIA, NCARB

Joseph Fuller, Jr., AIA, NCARB


As President and Principal Architect, Joseph Fuller, Jr., oversees projects from their initial conception through construction completion.

John D'Angelo, ARA, LEED AP

John D'Angelo, ARA, LEED AP

Executive Vice President

As a principal architect, John D’Angelo directs a selected number of projects from the initial stages through construction completion.

Nicholas A. D’Angelo, F.A.R.A., C.S.I

Nicholas A. D’Angelo, F.A.R.A., C.S.I

President Emeritus

As a founding partner and now President, Mr. D’Angelo oversees all aspects of the firm’s projects.

Fuller and D'Angelo P.C.


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